The eLicense System™ is a complete turnkey solution for owners and distributors of digital properties who need to securely and safely achieve global distribution and e-commerce capabilities.

The eLicense System™ includes full e-commerce functions from shopping cart, full fraud protection and credit card processing to a robust sales and distribution tracking system.

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For over fifteen years industry leaders have relied on the eLicense System to supply the applications and infrastructure to build the sales and distribution of their titles among global markets. We can increase both online and in-store sales, create innovative new sources of revenue and cut distribution, service, and support costs.

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Content Vending


eLicense hosts and manages the applications and infrastructure to provide:

  • a comprehensive turnkey solution for generating revenue online from digital products
  • e-commerce integrated directly within digital products or existing Web sites, hosted by eLicense as private-label e-stores, and syndicated
  • support for multiple revenue models, including subscriptions and time-based usage
  • transaction and settlement systems that provide payment methods of choice and exceptional fraud and loss prevention
  • extensive personalized customer retention features, through integration with eLicense rewards management
  • combined online and in-store sales and marketing integration
  • online reporting and analytics of promotions status, sales trends, and drill-down to individual customer records


eLicense content vending lets digital products escape the limitations of the conventional "Web store" and find their audiences through an easily implemented, optimal mix of interactive exposure.

eLicense content vending offers strong fundamentals of e-commerce along with advanced marketing-oriented features that attract new customers and help retain existing ones, including:

  • automatic generation of try-and-buy product versions, with the ability to extend trials remotely as an additional reward
  • "on-board" purchase options available to the end user, without having to navigate a Web site
  • seamless integration with eLicense rewards management, providing generation and management of coupons, points, and other rewards tied to unique customer identities
  • purchasing with gift cards and other forms of stored value
  • choice of Web presence, including individual links at your own Web site, syndication, and embedding within search results, text messages, portals, banner advertisements, or promotional campaigns


The eLicense system provides a simple easy-to-administer framework for building interaction between your customers and your products, and distributing a seamless customer experience throughout multiple venues. All the way through to final sale, and the follow up sales. First-generation e-business solutions made you commit to an online "storefont." And then you hoped customers would come to you.

The eLicense system puts you and your products where your customers already are: they are researching products on the Web, reading the news, looking for deals, visiting retail stores, downloading games, e-mailing friends and family, texting each other from mobile phones, swapping coupons, talking in chat rooms, or may already be loyal customers of just one of the many products of your brand..

This means you have so many opportunities to attract their attention and generate a sale. The biggest challenge may be managing them all. eLicense manages these, fully supporting pre-sales, re-sales, upsells, promotions, targeted marketing, and generating referrals. The full scope of possibilities redefines e-commerce, and commerce hosting, as a challenge requiring an expert outsourced solution. Make Every Distribution Count for Your Bottom Line.

With rules of usage embedded in your product, secure commercial distribution is transparent for both you and the customer..

You can opt for any form of market exposure that matches your business model, including:

  • hosting at your Web site
  • links at your Web site, with distribution and transactions hosted by eLicense
  • a private-label e-commerce store hosted by eLicense
  • syndication among industry vertical portals and Web stores
  • targeted advertising such as Google, and links within other products or offers
  • offline distribution on recorded media, via mail order, at retail locations, or as advertising inserts

Once the content is in the hands of the consumer, the rules you have applied follow it wherever it goes. A key feature of the eLicense system is the ability to remotely change the embedded rules after mass distribution. This gives you the freedom to give your trial or other versions maximum exposure, and adjust the rules going forward to optimize value. For example, analysis through the eLicense system might determine that 60-day trials produce a higher yield of sales than 30-day trials. In a few short steps, you can convert already distributed demo versions to the new rules, and even send a message to everyone with the 30-day trials that their versions have been automatically "updgraded" -- all without additional downloads by the end user. End users can receive messages automatically right within your product -- in a customized screen provided by the eLicense "packaging" system. Which can be updated or changed remotely, providing you with the option to extend other offers or reminders each time your product is used, either in trial mode or in full-rights mode. When eLicnese Analytics are applied, products can be intelligently coupled with a dditional offers to:

  • maximize revenue yield from your existing users
  • automatically develop individual customer relationships
  • create valuable data for robust CRM capabilties (hosted by eLicense, or uploaded to your own CRM system)
  • build interest, loyalty, and brand recognition

These same benefits apply to customer service -- a crucial dimension to recurring revenue. The eLicense system can notify customers of free or paid product updates and upgrades, provide easy delivery, and at the same time transmit customer feedback directly to you -- without them having to hassle with the extra clicks of e-mail or navigating a Web site. eLicense solves the problems encountered by producers of digital product when trying to go to market, and when reaching out to new ones. Subscriptions & Memberships Management eLicense subscriptions and memberships management provides:

  • complete flexibility in how customers pay for use of your digital assets
  • new revenue models for capturing new customers
  • lower-priced entry points and recurring revenue
  • secure control over end user access

License vs. "Sell"

Recurring revenue is built on relationships extended over time. ; While revenue builds, the value of the relationship builds too. The eLicense system provides such a fine-grained level of control over your digital assets that you can license their use on virtually any basis you wish. Because each end user’s rights to your assets are transparently validated at each use -- whether a software product, digital entertainment, or a single membership reward -- you can choose the licensing and payment model that suits the need. This has several beneficial effects upon your business:

  • Consumers are offered more appealing "entry points" to do business with you.
  • Predictable revenue streams can be built upon a service model vs. the "buy" model..
  • Usage rights are more clear. One-time payments -- the class of transaction associated wtih products for sale -- can incur consumer expectations of outright ownership, including the "right" to resell or copy. Payments over time transition the revenue stream to a service model, and provide clearer end user rights more in keeping with licensing -- rather than "selling" -- your digital assets.

Turnkey Subscription Revenue

The service model increasingly has the upper hand in our economy. But infrastructure and administration can be difficult. eLicense provides a turnkey support system that protects the asset, applies the rules you decide upon, and manages the relationship going forward in all its aspects, including collecting and forwarding this recurring revenue to you. This expands your offerings overnight to such models as:

  • pay-per-use
  • short or long-term rental
  • rent-to-buy

A key function of this capability is eLicense Identity Management, an advanced system for ensuring fair use without being intrusive to the end user.Recurring revenue and lower price points can be instantly realized by enabling subscription-based licensing of your assets, with secure control over rights and usage.

Start Simple Think Globally

An essential feature of the value of eLicense e-commerce hosting and management is direct integration with eLicesne Analytics, allowing you to economically target for profits early in the game, identify and test best-case scenarios, and expand out into the most promising venues. Your e-commerce strategy is built on a solid foundation, based on proprietary knowledge that you develop and only you hold.