The eLicense System™ is a complete turnkey solution for owners and distributors of digital properties who need to securely and safely achieve global distribution and e-commerce capabilities.

The eLicense System™ includes full e-commerce functions from shopping cart, full fraud protection and credit card processing to a robust sales and distribution tracking system.

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For over fifteen years industry leaders have relied on the eLicense System to supply the applications and infrastructure to build the sales and distribution of their titles among global markets. We can increase both online and in-store sales, create innovative new sources of revenue and cut distribution, service, and support costs.

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Super Distribution superdistribution is an advanced capability of rewards management that can deliver exponentially greater distribution of digital products and rewards through:

  • assignment of unique rewards to individual consumer members
  • control over the value of the reward after distribution
  • automatic conversion of the reward to other rules or a different value when forwarded to another party or non-member
  • restoring full value to the forwarded reward when the recipient responds, such as by providing an e-mail address
  • assignment of additional or different rewards such as points to persons who successfully distribute rewards and promotions to others

The natural networks that already exist among friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors help target your offerings to naturally receptive audiences.