The eLicense System™ is a complete turnkey solution for owners and distributors of digital properties who need to securely and safely achieve global distribution and e-commerce capabilities.

The eLicense System™ includes full e-commerce functions from shopping cart, full fraud protection and credit card processing to a robust sales and distribution tracking system.

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For over fifteen years industry leaders have relied on the eLicense System to supply the applications and infrastructure to build the sales and distribution of their titles among global markets. We can increase both online and in-store sales, create innovative new sources of revenue and cut distribution, service, and support costs.

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Online / Retail Integration

Retail rollouts can be easily paired with online presence and promotions to secure customer attention and have them "touch you back" from home or work. Retail locations provide effective venues for impulse buys and creative promotions that can bring new customers into direct online contact with you. Solution Strategies: The essence of interactive media is the consumer’s ability to easily "touch you back" in ways that are both convenient and interesting for them, and affordable and effective for you and your product lines. provides multiple angles for connecting the in-store experience with the in-home and online experience, including:

  • stored value promotions, such as gift cards, paid for and activated at the register and redeemable online for a product, or a family of complementary products
  • in-store coupons -- distributed with or without a purchase -- that can be redeemed online for product tryouts, or for rewards such as points, digital giveaways, and "keepers"
  • grocery item promotions, such as under-the-cap sweepstakes, or offers printed on containers directing consumers to online games or digital product samples
  • promotions co-branded by the digital publisher and the retail channel
  • points programs that build value when buying online, in the store, or both
  • in-store redemption of rewards earned online, or vice-versa

Promotions and offers that have seamless, multiple points of presence in the consumer’s lifestyle -- and which are designed to rapidly convert them from prospects to buyers, and from buyers to loyal customers -- can be rapidly deployed with applications, including:

  • Rewards management
  • Points programs
  • Interactive coupons
  • Superdistribution
  • Content protection
  • Content vending
  • Stored value