The eLicense System™ is a complete turnkey solution for owners and distributors of digital properties who need to securely and safely achieve global distribution and e-commerce capabilities.

The eLicense System™ includes full e-commerce functions from shopping cart, full fraud protection and credit card processing to a robust sales and distribution tracking system.

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For over fifteen years industry leaders have relied on the eLicense System to supply the applications and infrastructure to build the sales and distribution of their titles among global markets. We can increase both online and in-store sales, create innovative new sources of revenue and cut distribution, service, and support costs.

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Recurring Revenue

Because eLicense™ offloads the burdens of administering promotion and payment -- as well as the prevention of fraud and piracy -- from the shoulders of software and game publishers, they can better concentrate on their core business: creating great new products for their most important and profitable customer bases. But winning new customers is only part of that strategy. Keeping them -- and building ongoing revenue -- is the foundation for long term growth. eLicense™ supports recurring revenue strategies in several ways, foremost by enabling:

  • new license and revenue models for any digital product, including:
    • subscriptions based on time or number of uses
    • pay-per-use
    • payments deducted from stored value such as gift cards or points earned
    • rent-to-buy
  • remote renewal of expired subscription licenses, without requiring another product download
  • transparent product maintenance / upgrade programs that automate delivery of updated code to subscribing customers
  • rewards -- such as discounts, or coupons for friends and family -- that can be delivered to individual customers at timed intervals, at designated events such as renewals or anniversaries, or manually
  • ability to remotely alter the rights assigned to a user’s license -- for example, converting from a 30-day to 90-day usage -- even after distribution
  • custom advanced rewards programs, for example to personalize and integrate rewards according to customer histories, feedback, and behaviors

eLicense™ hosted applications automate the process of generating innovative, strongly protected rights models for any given digital product -- without programming or new code builds. This makes it possible to go from final build to online sales literally in minutes. eLicense provides all these capabilties in its application suite