The eLicense System™ is a complete turnkey solution for owners and distributors of digital properties who need to securely and safely achieve global distribution and e-commerce capabilities.

The eLicense System™ includes full e-commerce functions from shopping cart, full fraud protection and credit card processing to a robust sales and distribution tracking system.

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For over fifteen years industry leaders have relied on the eLicense System to supply the applications and infrastructure to build the sales and distribution of their titles among global markets. We can increase both online and in-store sales, create innovative new sources of revenue and cut distribution, service, and support costs.

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Secure Distribution

Effortless global sales and distribution -- backed by industry-leading product protection and fraud prevention -- is an essential and now easily-available component of building a digital product business. Profitable and secure distribution strategies can present significant challenges for software, game, and other digital product publishers. Solution Strategies:

  • Secure distribution
  • Online / retail integration
  • Recurring revenue

eLicense turnkey application suite puts all the required capabilities into a single, manageable hosted solution that works in two phases:

Phase 1 - Preparation

  • automatically packages digital products for secure distribution, whether via download or by CD-ROM
  • embeds strong anti-piracy and license control directly into the distributed product, that follows it however and wherever it is transported
  • provides a complete spectrum of licensing options and rights models that ensure authorized use and support recurring revenue, including try-and-buy or subscription
  • embeds all the security, rights management, and automated purchase functions -- needed for e-commerce -- without recoding or new product builds

Phase 2 - Distribution, Promotion & Secure Licensing

  • provides a "buy" interface within the product, preventing customer confusion or loss of interest when searching through Web sites
  • optionally presents other offers -- or rewards such as discount coupons, which can be updated and changed remotely -- within the product UI
  • converts licenses terms remotely, even after distribution and without additional product downloads, such as:
    • a 30-day trial extended, or converted to a permanent license
    • a subscription license renewed
    • single-use purchase upon each use
    • license revocation
  • generates and delivers licenses securely, and never unlocks a product with a key to expose it to hacking, piracy, or key duplication
  • produces licenses that are strictly tied to one device/user, several devices/user, or combinations
  • allows for automatic periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) renewals
  • clears the buy transaction securely through, no matter where the download has been hosted or how it was received
  • manages fraud prevention at time of purchase
  • provides automated payment settlement to the product publisher, and detailed drill-down reports of sales and marketing activity
  • optionally offers private-label hosting of e-commerce stores that match the look and feel of the product publisher

An industry leader for ten years enabling secure, profitable distribution and sales of digital products, invites you to try the eLicense™system and experience the benefits of outsourcing to experts.